Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i don't wear sunscreen i wear crisco

So my bridal shower was Sunday, and the theme had been successfully kept a secret from me, which I found to be pretty impressive. I'm really nosy. But my friends are really douchey, so they just LOVED knowing something I didn't know.

Anyway, it was DIY. And each guest was asked to contribute a family recipe, so now I have a binder full of incredible recipes, along with all the helpful hints to alter them or dress them up. But in one of the pockets is an envelope. An envelope of my Great Grandma Matthews' recipes, photocopied from her hand-written cards. One of the recipes is for Clam Cakes, and has a bunch of ingredients listed. And here are the cooking instructions: Fry in deep fat. THE END.

Ohhhhh, New England...

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RachEL said...

was that a purposeful quote of this song? http://youtu.be/u96COiazRS8

if so, I heart you even more now.

if not, be enlightened.

also! I guess that's a thing people do for showers? i got recipes at mine (well they were Requested; most of my friends did Not comply, but I got a few) and I thought my sister was just SupAR clever.