Thursday, May 19, 2011

in a white room

When I was little* I wet the bed, like, ALL THE TIME. It was awful. And my parents tried everything they could think of to make it stop.

At one point, my mom started making me swallow a tablespoon of honey each night before bed. I have no idea why. But every night that I did this, I woke up dry. So she continued. I don't remember how long this went on, maybe a few weeks, but eventually we stopped.

And now, even though I know logically that I love honey, the thought of it makes my stomach churn with shame. Which sucks because MAN honey is so good.

*OK, until I was 12. TWELVE. OMG I know.


rachel said...

AHHHH we had the same childhoooood. except I actually hated honey then and still hate it now, and I don't think it ever actually worked so I only had to eat honey like twice maybe. but bed wetters FTW!

ceejus said...

Did you also wet yourself during the school day and hide in the bathroom and cry and cry? Because that was my JAM.

I hated honey when I was little, but now I appreciate it. Minus the eau d' shame. So many things my childhood made me hate, that I now realize kind of rule. Like disco. Always hated disco, but recently discovered it's amazing.

Hellz yeah late bloomers! Now we gots tha kapow!