Friday, May 13, 2011

just can't get enough

Oh, man, Blogger. I did not appreciate last night's/today's leave of absence one little BIT. Luckily, if you HAD been available, I probably would've written a very POOR ME I STILL HATE PLANNING MY STUPID WEDDING type of post, BUT you took so long to get over being verklempt (or whatever the eff you were doing) that I think the issue at hand is now solved. So HA. Take THAT. I might've even solved a totally different problem that I hadn't intended to address today!

I'm not going to get cocky and be all, "Yay I'm on track!" because that's exactly when you learn that your gown has somehow been eaten by beta fish or your caterer has decided to instead sell surfboards for a living. In Jamaica. Which is not where your wedding is. And he won't even give you a discount on the d*mn boards, either.


Today started out crappy. I snoozed through both alarms, and when The Foliage snuggled up to me and told me what time it was, I responded, "WHY DO YOU SUCK?" And leapt out of bed. And didn't talk to him for the next hour. I'm basically the best life partner ever.

But the day got awesome AND FAST. My Ship emailed me while I was in Mexico that I should read her High School friend's hilarious blog Hate You, Probably. Sometimes I'm obedient, so yesterday I did. And she referenced her friend 21st Century Mrs (now This is Not That Blog) a LOT. So I read that one, too. Both of them. All the way through. Because that's how I roll when I'm in bloglove. As you may have heard. Thank goodness neither of them has been blogging for a very long time, or I might've had entries left to read when I got home, and then The Foliage would've been uh-noyed.

So today I Twitterstalked both of them (HYP needs donations to make Jeremy London's dream come true, by the by, give early give often), and then they totally followed me back and then we were all have a Twiversation and I was all, "Am I dreaming? This feels like dreaming..." But so far it looks like I was conscious, so that's pretty awesome. There's such a weird disconnect between knowing people in blogs and knowing people for realz, right? And when you start blogging, you follow the Big Guys. Like Dooce. And Relentlessly Optimistic. So everybody with a blog you like feels like a celebrity, unless you FERREAL knew them before you read their blog (I'm looking at you, Leah...can you please get on Twitter by the way? Please?). So. Anyway. It felt like a really really big deal, even though it probably isn't. Quit undermining my joy, for crissakes! Geez.

But then this OTHER awesome thing happened, and that is an amazing deal. Just try not to click that link. I DARE YOU. My Ship and I were, like, "Whaaaa???" And we're so doing it*. And OMG we're going to high five so much.

Sorry again, Foliage. Let's make out? Or I'll just be nicer to you in the future FINE. GAWD.

*The Orlando one. Does anyone wanna do an additional trip to Vegas with me? 'Cause I'd be down. My marriage is making me part-Jewish so I just can't walk away from that price.

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