Monday, May 23, 2011

my first lesson on marriage. and incest. and baby talk.

I remember watching something on TV with my mom when I was little. 4 or 5 I think. Something about royalty. Or maybe it was a live-action fairytale movie. Whatever it was, there was a reference to a princess marrying her brother, the prince. The pursuant conversation went something like this:

Little Ceej: I don't have a brother to marry.
Mom: I'm sorry.
LC: Is Daddy your brother?
Mom: No, I met your father in college.
LC: Did you used to have brothers?
Mom: Oh, Christine, you know your Uncle Tom and Uncle Scott. They're my brothers.
LC: Why didn't you marry them?
Mom: I didn't want to marry them. And it's against the law to marry people in your family now.
LC: So it's bad?
Mom: Yes, it's very bad.
LC: Then why did the princess do it?
Mom: It used to be that people got married to keep property in the family. They didn't want to share their money.
LC: I don't have any money.
Mom: Yeah, me neither.

Very little of that is paraphrasing; I remember it pretty clearly, considering. I really appreciate that my parents always spoke to me like a person, not a child. They were patronizing a lot of the time, but they didn't baby-talk at me. I asked my mom about this once, too, and she said, "If I talk to you like you're a baby, then you'll talk like a baby. I don't want you to talk like a baby. I want you to TALK."

And now I do. Often. If you enjoy this blog, you can send donations to my mom directly. Is pretty much what I'm saying.

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