Tuesday, May 10, 2011

only to find gideon's bible

Rocky Raccoon is pretty ridiculous, as a character, and I randomly got really. really. angry with him yesterday while we were traveling from Mexico* to Maryland. The song got stuck in my head, and the more I thought about the lyrics, the more annoyed I became.

The guy really needs therapy.

First, he's in love with a woman who has a multitude of names, which seems pretty shady to me. Why can't you love someone who's honest, Rocky? Why? Second, she left you for another guy. A relationship can't work if only 50% of the people want to be in it, man. Third, if she's the kind of girl who WOULD fall in love with you because you murdered her boyfriend? Well...kind of a red flag, I should think. You can't blame the other guy for Magill (or Lil or Nancy or some other alias) falling for him. Maybe you should've been a better partner, and focused on her needs, rather than violent vengeance.

Just try to like you for you. I'm sure you'll find a nice, succinctly-named girl in no time.

*Which r00led, as you might expect.


Jenn said...

Little known fact: this song is how we named our dogs. Boris had a raccoon mask of black when he was a puppy, so we wanted to name him Rocky. The only matching name we could come up with was Bullwinkle...and my mom flatly refused to consider that. From there, we leapt to Boris and Natasha :)

ceejus said...

Oooh good dog names! I guess "Magill" (and the associated counterparts) weren't options, either? I love coming up with "sets" of names for animals. Eventually we'll have 2 dogs and they'll be named "Zuul" and "Vince Clortho." I can't WAIT!

Yossarian said...

Ohhhhhh man Rocky Raccoon is my fav Beatles song I loveeee when brits try southern accents! Also I am stealing your ideaish and naming my future dogs/cats/spawn MacGill, Lil, and Nancy.
On a related side note, my father and I had this exchange recently while listening to that song:
Me: Man, you know I bet Gideon was really pissed he left his bible in that hotel room. I know I would be!
Dad: Please tell me that you're kidding.

ceejus said...

Baaahahahaa!!! Oh, Uncleye. Classic.