Friday, May 27, 2011

sour grapes

The other day, after I posted about The Foliage ruining my life via Words With Friends, he said something that made it clear that he was working really hard to destroy me. Which made me even angrier, because why couldn't he just play normally?! So I gave him a hard time about it, and he said, "If I take it easy on you...come on. You won't like that. You know you want me to play for real."

I replied, "No, I most certainly do not. Stop putting so much effort into beating me. Geez."

He won that game. But not by much. And then I initiated a re-match. And I'm currently beating him. But this morning he said something like, "Oh, man, I almost destroyed you when I used my 'X'." So I asked, "Are you taking it easy on me? For real?" and he said, "Well, not completely. Just that one turn I knew would completely ruin your day. But mostly I'm playing like normal."

So OF COURSE I said, "Don't do that! How am I supposed to enjoy beating you if you don't play like you usually do?"

To which he responded, ".........."

The punchline here is that I'm a terribly sore loser. Don't take it easy on me. But I apologize in advance for how childish I'm going to be when you dominate my life.

If you want to play me in Words With Friends, my handle is peachyringz.

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