Wednesday, May 4, 2011

you mean to tell me there's pink balloons AND they're giggling?! something must be done!

GChat conversation with The Foliage today (and I use the word "conversation" loosely because he was really just ranting AT me, as you'll see):

The Foliage: Right now I'm really annoyed at the "girl club" in this office.
Every time a girl is getting married or having a baby, they throw a little work shower in the conference room and get the company to pay for it!
And guys are never invited!
WTF exclusion!
If you want to hold a gender exclusive event, do it somewhere else! Otherwise, feed me!
It mostly annoys me this time because it's for [MauiWowy], and she's totally my friend too!
Stupid pink balloons and giggles...stop paying for "girls day in" with company money!


...3 minutes later...

The Foliage: Aw see now I feel bad
Because they opened the doors up for leftovers

Ceej:  too late

Even though he recanted (which is how NINETY-NINE PER CENT of his rants end...seriously, there's video to attest to this fact), I'm still sharing this with you, Internet. Because...oh, the injustice!!


rachel said...

that is pretty ridiculous that the guys aren't even invited. opening the doors for scrounging leftovers doesn't count! I mean we have those parties, and the guys don't usually have any interest in joining, but it always starts with the food eating, and then the guys can just leave when we start playing stupid girly party games. I kind of resent that I'm expected to stay and have fun with that crap, but everyone just laughs and waves them away when the guys look uncomfortable and leave.

ceejus said...

Hahaha I can't wait to host some sort of shower and force you to stay beyond the eating part. I hope you make an awesome resentful face.