Tuesday, June 14, 2011

count it down

Over the weekend, The Foliage and I had to come up with lists of important events in our lives (it's a wedding thing, and mostly a secret). And it was REALLY HARD. At first, we just had boring things like our births and graduations. He got distracted and disappeared, and then I felt inspiration strike.

"Hey, [Foliage], what years were you addicted to World of Warcraft?"
"And hooooow old were you when you got yourself stuck under a vending machine?"
"You stole your grandparents' Internet, right? When did that happen?"

I'd been shouting these questions at him across the house, and it was at this point that he came back into the dining room and said, "Sooo...you're actually going to use those?"

IS THAT A SERIOUS QUESTION? I mean, come ON. Who does he think he's dealing with?

For the record, I wrote down, "1996 - Wanted to BE a Spice Girl," in my own list. It's a very well-rounded selection of events and milestones.

I really think that wedding details set the stage for a marriage*, and what better stage than that of mockery? If (and only if) I get to embarrass The Foliage for the rest of our lives, then I am IN.

*No I don't; that's ridiculous.

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