Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a day in the life

1. Today is the first pick-up of our CSA share this year! Finally! We joined Norman's Farm Market CSA and our pick-up location is really close to The Foliage's office. I've been bringing it up a LOT over the past few weeks, since our CSA in Delaware started WAY earlier than this. Like April or May or something. Of course we really only got a bunch of different kinds of lettuce, beets (WTF am I supposed to do with beets? We got them every week all season. I still don't know how to use those mothas.), and no fruit. I don't know if it's because of the recent heat wave or what, but we're already slated to get squash and tomatoes AND fruit with this new one. Sweeeeet!!

2. Bachelor/ette Party planning is stressful. Even when you're not the one actually doing the planning.

3. Now reading Water for Elephants and I'm so bored with the characters. The main ones, anyway. The supporting characters are really entertaining. I feel like romantic connections in books so often fall flat for me. Maybe having actually BEEN in love, reading about it seems hollow. There's never enough depth in either character for me to be convinced. Or the main character is really great, but all I can think about his/her love interest is, "S/he's BORING. Who wants somebody like that?" Because they're usually demure/shy/constantly acquiescing amiright? Oh, great, main character. You like him/her because they have you on a pedestal. I'm sure that adoration is going to last FOREVER.

Also a HUGE part of the storyline centers around humane treatment of animals, which isn't really a central concern of mine in life. And especially in this book, since it takes place during the Depression, and human characters are starving. If the animals are eating rotten meat? At least they're being fed. And if you feed an animal that died to another animal? WHO CARES? IT'S DEAD. THERE'S NOTHING ELSE FOR ANYONE TO EAT ANYWHERE.

That's pretty incendiary. I know. I have a lot of animal-loving friends, and they get very upset when I talk about my attitude toward animal rights. So I'm not going to get into it at the moment. But the bottom line is that humans are my first priority. End of story.

And a friend of ours got me canning supplies for my bridal shower, so I'm gonna use our CSA vegetables to make salsaaaaaaa!!!


Leah said...

Man. Now I wish I had gotten you canning supplies. Mehhhhhhhhh.
Anyway, let me know your salsa recipe. I plan to repeat.

ceejus said...

But I love my windowbox and seeds! And I totally told myself beforehand that I'd probably return any cookbooks I got, but the ones you bought are sooooo cooooool I can't bring myself to do it. Constant internal struggle, I tell ya.

I don't have a salsa recipe; I was just going to make it up. Actually, can I have yours? The jar you gave us (from our CSA supplies...) was amahzing. I totally forgot to include something in the post about how you're not going to benefit from our out-of-town weeks this year. Oops.


I love beets so much. use your canning supplies to make PICKLED BEETS. best thing evarrrr. I don't know a recipe off the top of my head but I could find one for you.

otherwise just cut off the ends, boil them for a really long time, then peel the skins off and eat the crap out of them, with butter (or sub of choice), salt and pepper.

or chill and chop them and eat them in salad. YUM.

aaahhhh I'm carazay for beeeets.

ceejus said...

Yes! Give me the recipe for that ish!

And then I will make some and I will totally eat the crap out of them.