Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pants on fire. girl on fire too i guess.

OK, well JUST KIDDING. I wrote this post yesterday when I thought I'd still be reading the book today...but last night I went home, did NONE of the things I was supposed to do, and instead read Catching Fire. Until, like, 10:30. And then The Foliage was all, "Hey! I love you! Let's talk about random things!" And I was all, "Katnisssssss!!!" So that didn't last long.

Multiple people have promised me the 3rd book, Mockingjay, as a loaner. But have since not been able to deliver. So I bought the book at lunch. Because I can hardly breathe not knowing what happens. Right now? Respiration is a challenge. A big one.

And now the book is sitting 2 feet from me. Just waiting. I wish I could force field the area around my desk and read for 5 hours. Stupid mortal limitations...

I also bought Water for Elephants because I've been wanting to read it, and CLEARLY I have zero self-control.


Leah said...

Do you own the first 2? Cause I just caved and bought all 3 at once, knowing I would do exactly what I did and read them through immediately after finishing them.
Also, water for elephants...good. But it's not Katniss level. Just saying.
Text me when you finish. I wanna hear what you think.

ceejus said...

I own the first one but borrowed the second from a friend. I doubt I'll read them again, though. I can read Kingsolver over and over, but I don't know if there's enough nuance in HG to go through another round of this level of stress.

Anthony said...

I was hoping that you wouldn't buy the third one, I was going to call you and read it to you over the phone

ceejus said...

I might return it when I'm done. We'll see. Also why would I answer that call? BEST. VOICEMAIL. EVER.