Wednesday, June 22, 2011

so i'm suggesting a swift orderly change

I feel as though it would behoove America - nay, the world - to let women who have normal periods to take each first day off of work, no questions asked, no penalties issued. I don't have enough sick/personal days to make this a rule for myself, nor do I wish to bring my work ethic into question via monthly absence. But good LORD I am in PAIN and totally EXHAUSTED* today. Color me useless. Nature 1, Spreadsheets 0.

*One day, The Foliage was feeling all sorts of outdoorsy, and kept taking me to outside places and getting frustrated that I didn't want to play frisbee with him** even though he knew I'd just started my period. He kept throwing the stupid thing at me while I watched it go by, Daria-style. After several hours of this, I yelled, "My UTERUS is ATTACKING ITSELF, trying to SQUEEZE OUT its CONTENTS. I am TIRED and it HURTS." And he was all, "Ohhhhhhh!! That makes sense." Then he drove me home and brought me hot chocolate while I held still on the couch.
**Oh, BTW, I'm marrying a puppy.

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Leah said...

Daria style. Best word picture ever!
Also? The puppy comment. Because I can think of no better way to describe your betrothed!