Thursday, June 2, 2011

spoiler alert

So last week, The Foliage and I were catching up on "Modern Family" and one episode was about how Claire is the mean parent and Phil is the fun one. Then they switch roles. Then I cocked my head to one side and went, "huh."

Because suddenly they were my parents.

Have you seen this episode? Phil tells his daughters to clean their bathroom, which they don't, so he makes them go back in to clean, and monitors them, and ends up forgetting to let them eat all day. Which my dad TOTALLY DID one time. Mom came home and was not. pleased.

But in another part of the episode, Claire takes Luke and Manny to a drag racing course, and as soon as the vehicles are turned on, the first thing she does is to ram both of them into the barrier. And the audience is supposed to be all, "Oooh poor kiiiiids." But all I could think was, "Yeah, my mom would do that."

Little heads up: if you ever have or are doing anything really cool, and my mom is nearby, make sure you are not vulnerable, and always have an exit. I recommend not making eye contact and taking a few steps away from her so you're out of reach. Best case is she's tracking someone else's joy. Worst case is she smashes your perfectly constructed nacho into your face. At a wedding.

You know how mothers are always saying things like, "Just ignore him/her!" and, "When you get upset like this, you're just giving him/her what s/he wants!"? My mom is the instigator is ALL OF THOSE TIMES.

I was annoyed when they switched back at the end of the episode. It was like I was watching my memories. And having a whole series of episodes like that on Hulu would make therapy WAY easier.

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rachel said...

hahah I saw that episode! mean Phil was terrifying!

whatever, your family christmas cards make up for whatever torment you went through as a child...