Thursday, June 30, 2011

why my facialist is not a brain surgeon

This past weekend I went to get a facial.

Yes, a facial. Yes, I am that woman. And I don't want to hear about it. Here's the thing: my skin was FANTASTIC growing up. High school? No problem. Just smoothe, clear skin. Once in a while a big blemish would appear, then it would go away promptly.

Then I went to college, and suddenly had all these little bumps along my jawline, near my mouth. Bumps that WOULD NOT LEAVE. And also I couldn't pop them because they weren't at the surface...they were somehow underneath. Incredibly infuriating. I've been working on these things for the past 7 years to no avail.

Then I turned 23 or 24 and my skin FREAKED OUT. I don't know how else to say it. I get the weirdest breakouts. Luckily, by this time, I was getting decent paychecks. So a little over a year ago, I started getting facials at an awesome place in Delaware/Pennsylvania. Then I quit my job and I stopped. The house rule is: as long as Ceej has an income, she can get facials. But I waited a few months after starting this job, and my skin totally noticed and got up. set. The bumps, which had still not gone away completely, came back in full force and started spreading to new areas of my face. Plus the new breakouts. BLECH.

So I started going to a place down here in Maryland, and it's great. The owner, gives a great facial.

She does not, however, do a great job of keeping her opinions to herself. Opinions which often confuse me. For example, I complained about a wrinkle I've noticed getting more and more noticeable between my eyebrows. She suggested I get Botox. And I was all, "...umm...I don't think so..." But she kept telling me that "everybody does it" and that it's the best way to preempt face/brow lifts later on in life. And that 25 is exactly the age at which it becomes necessary. I told her that I've never been a huge proponent of Botox/other plastic surgery measures, and that The Foliage would DEFINITELY not be cool with that level of unnatural.

Then she told me to do it without telling him. Which turned into a conversation about how she thinks I should have a secret checking account (all of our finances are combined, and it's awesome). So I should lie to him about money and also lie to him about my physical insecurities as well as medical procedures. Is her suggestion. Right.

I'm really confused about her enthusiasm for this practice, but maybe I'm projecting my own ideals onto aestheticians in general. I go and get facials on a monthly basis instead of seeing a dermatologist, because I prefer a more holistic approach to self-care. I probably shouldn't assume that people who give facials would prefer natural solutions, even though they hock products on their all-natural benefits.

Later I mentioned that I was going to get a laser hair removal treatment the same day. Which set her off about how unsafe THAT is. Because injecting poison into one's face is totally fine, but a laser affecting hair follicles is not. At all. And I don't know why I'm OK with one and not the other, either. I was just very surprised at her reaction to it. And the fact that she said all that AFTER she knew that I - the client - was in the process of receiving these treatments. I'm pretty sure my payment guarantees that I my opinions are correct. Or at least not egregiously wrong.

So. Weird.


rachel said...

so, is a good facial supposed to hurt? the only facial I've ever had was the most painful experience of my LIFE. lady was digging into my face like she was a pig who smelled truffles. I wasn't even broken out when I went in there, but I left covered in pimples and oil. and pain. lots of pain.

ceejus said...

Yeah, it's pretty painful. I'm used to it now, though, so it's not as bad. You broke out because facials bring the toxins/oils/whatevs to the surface of your skin. The facialist can only get out what's already at the surface or just below. I always have a minor break-out post-facial, but my skin is way more awesome overall than it used to be. It's softer, I get fewer blemishes, and my pores look smaller. I loves.