Friday, July 22, 2011

kicking off bachelorette party weekend


-I got wedding shoes and earrings. Both for super cheap. Both pretty low-key. In fact, part of the reason I chose the shoes I did is that I can also wear them for the rehearsal dinner AND during the honeymoon.

-Speaking of the honeymoon, that sh*t is BOOKED. FINALLY. We're flying out the night after the wedding to Barcelona, where we'll stay at Hotel MurMuri for a week. Then we'll head to Gran Canaria for the second week, staying in the timeshare swap my parents are letting us use.

-We're not decorating the church at all, save for possible pew-markers. That place was DESIGNED to be pretty; I'm not paying a bunch of my dollars to have some decor be swallowed up in that space. Also we have mad of them wedding party members, so it could get crowded.

-A few things we'd planned to DIY I searched for and bought on etsy yesterday. Because it was on our To-Do list for SO MANY DAYS and we did it...never. Not even one half-assed attempt. I paid fair prices and we still have to do assembly once the stuff arrives, but this is a HUGE load-off. Now I'm trying to figure out what else I can outsource to artists...

-Our ketubah/guest book is going to rule SO HARD YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Now I have to go have more fun in 2 days than is probably allowed legally.

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