Friday, July 15, 2011

lesson learned

The other day, getting on the train, I saw Katie Armour. OK it wasn't Katie Armour, but it was a girl who looked JUST LIKE HER minus about 16 inches. Katie (from what I can tell) is super tall. I almost ran to tell this mystery girl about her e-famous doppleganger, but then decided it wasn't the day to look like a total psycho right before boarding public transit.

Things that I have discovered about life since moving down here and needing to take the metro everywhere:

1. Armpit maintenance is very. important.

That dude is you at least 70% of your workdays.

2. Folding fans are GORGEOUS and I need a billion. When you have negative personal space and the air conditioning's broken (like it almost always is), air movement is heavenly. Well, unless it's the onion-ring-breath of the dude encroaching on your aforementioned space. Otherwise: heavenly. Also the style potential for these is off the charts.

On. It.

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rachel said...

oooh fans! genius.