Tuesday, July 5, 2011

next time i get married everyone gets evites

You know what the worst thing ever is? Making wedding invitations. Correction: Making wedding invitations up to my/my mother's standards. Because that sh*t will take you every conscious minute of your 3 day weekend and several hundred of your dollars. And also your fiance who wanted to get to work early, will instead spend AN HOUR at the post office, hand-applying stamps to all 90+ invitations. Which the USPS considers to be "packages" because they're rigid.

I feel like I entered the invitation olympics. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a medal, but I don't know if it's gold. Also I might be disqualified for using performance-enhancers.

Pictures won't be posted for at least a week so the surprise isn't ruined for readers who are receiving invitations. But here's a little teaser: the only material in our crafty arsenal we didn't use was restraint. Sometimes more is more, people. Also? Paperlove can really cock up your life.


Leah said...

Oh.man. I just got sooooooooooo excited!

Swiss Miss said...

So did they meet your standards?

ceejus said...

I'm too exhausted with paperstuffs to remember what my standards are anymore. I'm pretty sure if I could wipe this weekend from my memory, I'd get one in the mail and say, "Whoa..cool..." but I have no way to know for sure.

I'm going to try to wipe this weekend from my memory. Probably with tequila. Then I'll try to be objective again.

Anthony said...

oooh i'm excited... also you were my first piece of mail (aside from a netflix movie but i'm not counting that)

The Foliage said...

When your first piece of mail is an event invitation - you're a social magnate.

Spelling intended.