Wednesday, July 6, 2011

put your money where your mouth is

So yesterday was one of the most e-ntense days I've ever witnessed. People got allllll wrapped up in the Casey Anthony trial, and were/are ready to crucify her. "Justice for Caylee!" they said. But...I don't really believe in justice. At least not as determined by other human beings.

I really, really hope that in my afterlife, I'm not consumed by a need for vengeance. Or spend one iota of energy waiting for vindication. I have the same hope for Caylee. If anything, I DO hope that I'll move on to the next stage of existence with concern for other similar victims.

So no. No justice. But maybe a legacy. What better way to honor a life cut short than to help prevent the same thing from happening again?

Today I made a donation to Child Avocates, Inc. in Caylee's memory, and I invite you to do the same. Because acting indignant in the name of justice on Facebook isn't helping anyone.


Leah said...

And this is why I love you. For putting me in my place. Yet again. May we all be reminded that our "Just" God is also gracious and forgives any multitudes of sins, and move on. Because really, what good is our anger doing anyone here!

ceejus said...

Put you in your place? Come. On. Your comments about God and God alone being the judge were a big part of what inspired this post. Take some credit, lady!