Thursday, July 14, 2011

self flagellation with a twist of hope

Yeah, I totes ignored by blog for a few days. And by "ignored" I mean I "thought about it off and on, and during the 'on' times with much anxiety." I've actually been much better about Twitter, since it's so one-off and I don't have to worry about linking to pictures or being too rambly. Which is also the problem with Twitter, because it's just a semi-daunting, constantly-updating ream of text. And the damn character limit KILLS me. Sometimes rewording down to the "meat" of my posts is actually helpful, but mostly it's annoying. And forces me to ditch really. good. words. Like "finagle." Who wants to say "get" when they could say "finagle"...honestly? Because I don't want to know that person. Brevity is not always the source of wit, TWITTER. Sometimes going on and on and on and beating a dead horse is actually where the wit lives. I'm so mistwunderstood.

Between my job, the wedding, and the lemons life sometimes pelts at my head* I've had little time to blog. I'll try to be better. Post-wedding, here are things I really really really want to learn:

-Herbology (Western)
-Paper making
-Glass blowing

Can you tell SOMEone's itching to make some 3D art? I seriously need to use my hands for something other than typing into spreadsheets or I might die**. Yeah, OK, "die" is a little extreme. I'll maybe turn boring. Which would be worse than death, I think. For crissakes, someone get this girl a BeDazzler!!

*Note to life: one cannot make lemonade if the lemons are hitting you in the face and bouncing away. Oft-neglected but important principle.
**I really do like my job. But I need to fulfill my creative side in my free time POST HASTE. Right now that isn't happening. Wedding tasks start out fun, but then I decide on an idea and have to replicate it A MILLION BAJILLION TIMES. Which makes the creative process unsurprisingly less enjoyable.


Krista said...

I can help you with at least three of these things.
I happen to be a potter (not at all related to Harry). I also happen to married to a metal worker AAAAANNNNND I know how to make paper. HUZZAH!

ceejus said...

Krista! That is awesome!! Can we have doing-and-making-stuff parties? Potluck style? That would be so. fcking. funnn!