Tuesday, July 12, 2011

shout shout let it all out

Hey! Here's something that annoys me that's not related to weddings at all!

When people won't give money to bums because "they'll just spend it on booze."

WTF do you care how he spends it? Dude sleeps in a DOORWAY. I'm cool with helping him get respite, temporary though it may be. Your self-righteousness isn't going to cure him of any addictions.


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog since seeing some of your comments on APW. I like it a lot. And all I can say to this post is a big f'ing AMEN. "Your self-righteousness isn't going to cure him of any addictions" is actually really eloquent, and I think I'll start using it instead of "Fuck you, privileged arrogant asshat," which amazingly doesn't make the point very well.

ceejus said...

Thanks Anonymous APWer! Readers who don't know me in real life are the BEST!!

No offense, real life knowers. But you're obviously obligated to read this. Come on. Not the same.