Wednesday, July 20, 2011

to my future teenaged children

Please don't be too stressed out about the SATs or whatever crap you think you need to do to get into college. I got a great SAT score and I ended up graduating from a small, local business school. And that's OK because NO ONE CARES. Seriously. No one. I worked my way up to a primo spot in the accounting world and realized I didn't like it. So then I stepped back to a kind of accounting I do like*.

I know in the future when you, like, exist and are actually a teenager I'll probably cry when you get bad grades or letters are sent home about how you don't do your homework. This isn't your fault; it's mine. I've already got unrealistic expectations for you, and they're based on my expectations for myself. I'm sorry to put that on you. See how I did that? I'm already guilting myself! And making you aware of it! I am the culmination of a thousand years of Irish/Italian/Polish Catholic motherhood. Guilt is WHAT I DO.


The point is that it takes a lot of trial and error to be happy. A lot. I really hope your trials and errors don't cause you to live in my house after you're 21, but if you need to I GUESS we can figure it out.

The important thing is not to always choose the best major/sport/etc. The important thing is to show up. I want you to be involved in extracurricular activities because of your own desire to be a well-rounded person, not to be able to tick accomplishments off on each finger**. I don't need you to get straight As, I just need you to do the work. If you don't do the work...I'll hit you in the mouth. Fair warning. Also if you're reading this and I'm currently mad about your crappy grades, maybe wait until later to bring up this blog post. Or maybe bring mommy a drink. And then ask to see your father's WoW Addict video. Nothing turns this lady's frown upside down faster than that ridiculousness.

*Still got a pay increase because that is how your mother ROLLS.
**Though that is pretty badass. Admittedly.***
***But don't be a tool about it, jeebus.

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rachel said...

oh man. I can't wait to meet your teenage children.

good advice though. I wish I had known how little people care about where you went to school or what your degree is in. or how scoring really well on the SAT verbal section will really get you NOWHERE in particular, so quit feeling so damn self-righteous. hah.