Monday, August 22, 2011

decisions decisions

Me: We still have to choose the Old Testament reading.
The Foliage: Oh, right. What were our final options, again?
Me: Song of Songs "set me as a seal upon your heart" and Ruth "your people will be my people"
The Foliage: Hmm...I don't know. I don't really care, I guess.
Me: Yeah, same here. Let's go with Ruth.
The Foliage: How did you choose that?
Me: I like the letter "R" better than "S"
The Foliage: Oh, right. Of course.


Leah said...

I would totally go with Ruth too, but more because I feel it's so much more applicable. And the story line is pretty much amazing. And our pastor just finished an awesome sermon series about the awesomeness of Ruth.
That being said, I approve of your choice. Plus, you are right, R's are totally better than S's.

ceejus said...

Ruth is pretty hardcore. I initially had chosen a Song of Songs reading because I feel like it's a totally underutilized book of the Bible, and it's obviously my responsibility to make sure that that is corrected RIGHT AWAY.

RRRRRachel said...

the letter R, for the win.

ceejus said...

When The Foliage's brother gets up to do the reading, I'm going to shout, "THIS ONE GOES OUT TO DDAY!!!" I'm sure the priest/the congregation/um my fiance will LOVE it.