Wednesday, August 3, 2011

not done being negative yet

Here's the thing: I hate all professional sports leagues. I hate that they charge so much for tickets and merchandise and that fans seem to actually believe that their attendance/purchases somehow helps the teams. Or something. I'm really not clear on the thought-process that justifies the throwing-away-of-funds.

The Foliage and I attended a DC United game recently (the tickets were super discounted, and also it was $2 pretzel night BAM) and were talking about this. We got to baseball specifically at one point, and he said, "It seems like most baseball fans love the game so much because of the nostalgia-value. They always say things like 'I grew up going to these games!' But no one ever nostalgia-loves mowing the lawn or taking out the trash."

Which is exactly why I'm marrying this one. But that's not the point at the moment.

Right now the point is that I really hate the NFL. I didn't even know there was a SITUATION until Twitter went all a-flutter about it ending. And my heart sank. Because I missed it! And I could have done something! To prevent the resolution! Well, I probably couldn't have. But I'm wired to feel like I've always missed an opportunity. And so: displeasure.

Which leads us to now. When apparently football is going to be starting up again.  Le sigh.

Here are the things I like about football season:
-I can invite people over, and HELLO my #1 favorite activity in the world is playing hostess and feeding people.
-...ummm that's it.

Any reasons to pollyanna this are welcome. Truly. Because when I make my catatonic-yet-annoyed-asylum-patient-face and then slump into The Foliage's line of vision to get attention...I'm not sure he loves it quite as much as I think he should.

Idea: a television network that broadcasts NFL games, but does MSTK3000-style voice-overs, and turns the whole thing into a big soap opera. People can die and come back to life just like on Days of Our Lives! I would watch the sh*t out of that. Alternately: Soap Opera Network shows character stats at the bottom of the screen.

Sometimes I really miss daytime TV. Also this post got way off-track. Oops.

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Anthony said...

i was always anti-sports teams because you're basically rooting for a corporation. No one goes all gung-ho and buys tickets to see Microsoft meetings (although Jess might)