Friday, September 23, 2011

dinner and a movie

A few days ago The Foliage bought lamb shoulder at the grocery store and then didn't freeze it. When I realized this yesterday it became clear that it needed to be cooked RIGHT AWAY. Luckily there is a specific lamb shoulder recipe in Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food (long-cooked lamb shoulder). And it was amazing. And pretty simple. I also made her apple tartin with some of our CSA haul, complete with homemade caramel! Cast iron pan and everything! I'm like a professional.

I used almost every gadget in the kitchen and made a HUGE mess. After we ate I passed [the eff] out and awoke to find that it had all been cleaned, and the food packed away.

Being married rules.

We also watched the movie version of "The Golden Compass" because The Foliage FINALLY got around to reading the trilogy during our honeymoon, was such crap. It had such potential to not be crap. But then it failed. And glossed over EVERYTHING and had actors being way over the top. The talking animals weren't as trite as I expected them to be. But mostly crap. And it ended, like, 2 chapters early! "I see your daemon still changes." COME ON, ASRIEL, OF COURSE HE STILL CHANGES LYRA'S A KID. Such garbage dialogue. BAH!!

Movie renditions of your favorite books do not (often) rule.

Looking forward to a weekend at home. Happy 3 weeks of no divorce papers to us (on Sunday, anyway)! Whooooo!!


d-day said...

I thought I had warned you against that movie? maybe it was a conversation with someone else. but yeah. AWFUL.

that dinner/dessert combo sounds amazing. you guys = winning.

ceejus said...

Yeah, you totes warned me. But I was curious anyway, and The Foliage and I kept talking about the books during the honeymoon, and tried to figure out who we thought would play each was just too much! We're weak. SO WEAK. I know.