Thursday, September 29, 2011

hooking up

Ceej: ...Anne* just referenced "hooking up with Jack* again"
I don't know who this Jack is
The only one I know is Jack Smith*
And that
Make me so uncomfortable
Also happy...? Maybe? I guess? But mostly uncomfortable.
The Foliage:  Don't you think she could easily mean "get together with?"
Ceej:  No. I don't. We're talking about boys.
Our generation does not use the term "hooking up" to mean "saw in a non-sexual, totally platonic way"
Not ever
The Foliage:  Haha, of course "our generation" does
"Let me hook up with Billie and see what she thinks"
That's a totally normal sentence...except for the name
Ceej:  No
No one ever says that
The Foliage:  They so do!
Why don't you just ask her who she means?
"You hooked up with Jack Smith?
Ceej:  If they got married then [some of our siblings] would be at the wedding toooooooo
The Foliage:  Wow, that was a huge gun you just hopped over
Like, a bazooka
Ceej:  I just like being excited about things
*Names changed to protect the innocent-esque