Friday, September 30, 2011


Being married is weird at first. My identity being different is weird still. But today I was surprised at how wifely I felt. Which...I'm not sure that's an actual thing. But pre-marriage, if we'd had a fight, I would have made sure that my opinions and feelings were KNOWN. That they were being RESPECTED. I wanted iron-clad proof that they were. Which mostly amounted to The Foliage's verbal assurances.

But now...I know that all of my thoughts and feelings are respected. I just know that, and I know it FO' SHO. I knew that before, but I guess I was scared of being swallowed up in my relationship. And refused to let myself back down so easily. So this morning when we had and resolved an issue, instead of behaving warily towards him or seeming wounded for hours afterward, the very second he realized he'd hurt my feelings and apologized, I could've cared less about the whole thing. And was immediately straight back to skipping-smiling-would-do-cartwheels-if-I-could-level happy.

I pretty much love being married.


rachEL said...

I love hearing happily-married things. thanks for being happy and telling us about it.

also, cartwheels. how are they so impossible now? I used to LOVE doing cartwheels, now I pull a groin muscle just thinking about trying one.. maybe I should put that on my Life List.

ceejus said...

I've never been able to do a cartwheel. Or a round-off. Or a handstand. Or anything that isn't a somersault. I even took a gymnastics class. Pathetic.