Wednesday, September 28, 2011

stuff i've liked lately


In the Woods (as well as the rest of the Dublin Murder Squad books that have been published so far) by Tana French

Oh, man, these are so good. I'll focus on the first one, though, for now. I read it during my honeymoon and it was AWESOME. Growing up, my mom always read mystery novels, and since I thought I was a grown up reader, I tried to read them too. Didn't work. I ended up discouraged, frustrated and bored. What does a kid know about body language cues? Pshhhhh. Anyway. It made me resent the entire genre for a long time. Then I read this book, remembered that I'm a grown up who can TOTES follow mysteries now, and loved it. I'm not telling you anything about it, except that it's awesome, and that I highly recommend the other books in the series as well. The 4th one's due to be published soon and I am PUMPED.

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

This book...has affected my dreams this week. I finished it yesterday, and this morning woke up from one in which I was attempting tactical maneuvers, trying to anticipate all of my enemy's movements. This Card guy seems to suck a large amount, though. His introduction to the book was forever long and self-important, and upon researching the rest of the series (which I still intend to read), learned that he is very outspokenly in hate of marriage rights. And has tied homosexuality to pedophilia. Wow,


The Burning Plain

This ish made me cry so. hard. Which isn't necessarily what you want in a movie, I know. But if the circumstances are right, I really really do. I thought it was incredible and painful. Also when are Charlize Theron and Katherine Heigl gonna be in a movie together? Do they not look like sisters to anyone else? I'm a little bit anti-KH but I might get over it for Charlize.

Winter's Bone

I didn't cry. But this was also pretty devastating. I was shocked by how much it moved me. Both these movies have Jennifer Lawrence in them, by the by. I didn't think I was that impressed with her before, but then I'd only seen her in X-Men (oh, dip, Charlize tie-in!). I still don't know if I'm that blown away by HER or if it's the stories themselves. In both movies she plays her characters depressed and numb, and then is incredible in the scenes where she's visibly moved. So I guess that's good acting? I can identify terrible acting, but when people talk about "nuanced performances" or an actor "having such poise" I have no idea what they're on about. So maybe don't listen to me.


RachEL said...

oh no!! not the Card guy! that just ruined my day.

SnowWhiteminus3 said...

Another great book by Orson Scott Card is "Enchanted." It's fairytale-esque, so of course I loved it.

ceejus said...

Oooh, I'll have to add that to my list, JRo!

Rachel, I know. I KNOW. So depressing.