Thursday, October 27, 2011

dream big

I totally meant to post this earlier, but. Sometimes I suck. GEEZ you KNOW this so just BACK OFF.
Read: busy. So busy. And also not as busy as other times. Mostly I've just been out of words lately. Or I find words and they go on and on and don't say anything. It's extraordinarily frustrating.
In any case. The hilarious Bad Mama Genny (who is not a mama but is usually bad and almost definitely Genny) is hosting a giveaway for SO DERISHOUS looking spices. And you should enter to win them. And then give them to me. Because zoooooomg I wants. Though I'll just be passing them along to my father-in-law who's currently in charge of Thanksgiving dinner.
There are no words for how excited I am for the Thanksgiving reigns to be in my hands (date TBD as yet). BABY LOVES A DINNER PARTY. Probably won't be for several years. Did it stop me from registering for all the dishes and cooking accessories I need? No. No it did not. Does anyone want a full Thanksgiving meal, not during Thanksgiving weekend? I can probably hook that up for you.
Please. Someone please let me cook you too much food. The Foliage and I are gaining so much weight from my food enthusiasm that I emailed him today saying I want to start TRAINING for a MARATHON. So I'm both heavier than I want to be and delusional. Fabulous. What I'm saying is COME TO MY HOME where I will COOK YOU THINGS. Homemade things! From scratch amazing things!
Apparently my current baby fever is manifesting in a need to feed everyone I know on the planet. I want to PROVIDE. I want to HOST. I want to give you IMPOSSIBLY TINY CRUDITE.
Apparently I also want to use caps lock with wild abandon. Wait...check. Awesome. Sometimes achieving goals is so easy!


Bad Mama Genny said...


I will come over and nom on your impossibly tiny crudite. And we will go, "OH OMG OMG THEY'RE SOOOO CAAYOOOOOTE!!" Maybe this will cure your baby fever? Or just isolate you from all the healthy and normal individuals you know? Either way, I'm down.

Bad Mama Genny

rachel said...

make it gluten and lactose free and I am THERE. yeah paleo dinner party!

Leah said...

I'm the big nerd who gave you a blog award over on my blog today. I know, I know...