Tuesday, October 11, 2011

i am a gentleman

I was totally, totally planning to post an entry on the wedding invitation making process today. But then the other night my computer threw a tantrum and now it is died. Hopefully the hard drive's OK, but the computer itself is totally unusable. While I'm glad this didn't happen pre-wedding (I might've killed myself. Maybe.) it's still annoying. And I'm in the midst of planning an inspiration shoot for my business*, with a few other businesses, and it's happening in under 2 weeks. So I really need to have computer access.
Which is depressing...? A little? That I feel like I can't survive without a computer or the Internet.
Anyway, not the point. The point is that I went all kinds of Ma Ingalls in the wake of technology.
I went to the farmer's market across the street and got 2 (free-range, organic, locally-raised) chickens, a bunch of produce and eggs. Then I made, like, a gallon of ferreal broth**. I strained that ish with cheesecloth and everything! I'm so official. And we have, like, a ton of super tender, home cooked chicken, ready to go into things.
Like, for example, an awesome taco filling mixture, which I made last night in one of our cast-iron pans. Which I love. LOVE. Oh, goodness, they're unwieldy, but they're SO AWESOME. The Foliage inherited a set of five from his grandfather, and then we got two for free at a moving sale when we were in the process of buying our house. So we have seven gooooorgeous cast iron pans. Well, mostly gorgeous. A couple of them were left to soak for too long or weren't seasoned properly. They might not make it. So last night we got coconut oil at the grocery store (because Keeper of the Home recommends it as a saturated fat, and I believe everything posted on that site ever), and then I scoured and seasoned all of the pans. ALL OF THEM. I am going to make eggs in those things so. hard. You don't even KNOW. I love.
Also purchased at the farmer's market: a bushel of apples. An entire bushel. Or a basket? I don't know official apple-units-of-measurement. Whatever, they weren't selling them by the pound, just by the [basket], and there were SO MANY I COULDN'T LEAVE WITHOUT THEM OMG. So I got a basket of ones that looked like a good cooking and eating variety. Apparently they're called stayman. In any case, I have approximately one bajillion of them now, and there are TWO of us in our home. Two. Soooo I'm probably going to have to make an apple pie or seven. Anyone wanna visit? Anyone? I'll make you tacos and something with chicken broth and give you slices of pie. Don't think this deal is going to come around again, either - as soon as I have a computer my ass will be back on the couch, stalking grade school crushes.
*Shut the Front Door, an event and photoshoot rental company, providing props and styling in the DC metro area (and probably beyond. I like promising to go to places without looking at maps.).
**I cooked the chickens in our crockpot, a la this tutorial (though my crockpot only fit one bird at a time), then put the bones in the stockpot and cooked them down, according to these instructions as well as these.

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