Thursday, October 20, 2011

in addition

Oh, so the other reason I wanted to post that video was that it's one of the only records we have of my superfake wedding ring.
Because, see, our reception was outside. And it was super freaking hot. And in the woods. Next to a mostly dried up stream. So...there were mosquitos. Mad of them. And one bit my finger, just below my wedding ring. And standing in line at the airport the next day, I noticed that my finger had swollen up like crazy. So I wrestled off my wedding band, but then I didn't want to NOT wear my ring during my honeymoon! Especially since The Foliage was wearing his, I felt as if we looked like (and I know this is insane and I'm the only person on the planet who would've thought this) a married guy and an unmarried woman. AKA a dude and HIS MISTRESS. And I wanted to look like his wife. Badly.
I KNOW! THAT IS CRAZY! NO ONE WOULD HAVE CARED OR NOTICED. But I super duper cared. So we went to the Spanish equivalent of Forever 21 and I bought my chevron fakering and gigantic stripey bangle.
Bam. Jewelry explained. You're welcome.

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