Monday, October 17, 2011

no rest for the wicked

1. Saw several of my favorite people at the Delaware Art Museum's Art is Social event
1a. Got a little drunk
1b. Then ate gross diner food
1c. The hanging out was worth it, I GUESS
1d. FINE it totally was
2. Got to sleep around 2am, then rolled out of bed and went straight to truck rental facility, to pick up the moving van we'd reseved
2a. No shower
2b. Can of ginger ale for breakfast
3. Then my parents' storage unit where all the furniture and other stuff from the wedding was
3a. Including approximately 5 gajillion glass bottles (used for water at the tables) and bronze galvanized tubs (held the water bottles and white wine on the tables in lieu of centerpieces)
3b. We left the [insanely heavy cast iron] clawfoot tub there
3c. Also loaded up a bunch of my parents' furniture and then...
4. Drove to my parents' neighbor's housekeeper's apartment to give her the furniture
4a. Seriously
4b. Her kids are sooooo cuuuuuute!!
4c. I almost stole them
4d. Ouch, ovaries! Ouch!
4e. She didn't want the couch
4f. So The Foliage and Mom took it back to the storage unit
4g. I went back to the house to shower. I win.
5. Once The Foliage got back to the house, we drove back South
5a. Clothes swap for me
5b. Paintball for him
5c. I might've gotten drunk again. Just a little.
6. Then straight to Philadelphia for Sukkot at The Foliage's aunt and uncle's house
7. Drove home at midnight, fell asleep HARD, and woke up just in time to get ready for noon mass
9. Mass, celebrated by the bishop, which was a surprise
10. Changed into football-watching clothes, then drove to Buffalo Wild Wings
10a. No tables
10b. We were among the, like, 5 people there for the Lions-49ers game
10c. So the other Lions-49ers spectators adopted us to their table
10d. Guess who drank too much again....
10e. Maybe I should write a book about not having self control
10f. I'm pretty much THE expert
10g. The Lions (w00t!) were dominating until the very end, and then the 49ers got STUPID points at the last minute and ruined my life
11. Back to my parents' house to sober up pre-drive
12. Drove to Maryland at 8pm
13. Unloaded truck. On each trip downstairs, removed an item from our dining set to be put in the truck once empty.
14. Drove to The Foliage's coworker's apartment, and unloaded dining set
15. Returned rental truck, mysteriously sans-gas cap
15a. Considered stealing another truck's gas cap so we don't get blamed
15b. Figure there are cameras and go with deny, deny, deny plan instead
16. Blissfullest. Sleep. Ever.
I feel pretty accomplished. But also tired. But also accomplished. I want some chicken pot pie.

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