Monday, October 24, 2011

really bad at being succinct lately

Last night The Foliage and I were talking about something that's been weighing on our minds, and out of the blue, I brought up something else that had been concerning me. When I solicited a reaction, all he could say was, " you have the brainspace to be thinking about that right now?!"
So I thought I'd write a list of things that have been on my mind of late:
I've mentioned in passing here before that I've started a business. It's called "Shut the Front Door" and it provides unique rentals for photoshoots and events. Saturday I styled my first ever wedding inspiration shoot, in collaboration with photographer Zareth and stationer Jenn, and it went REALLY well. What's not going so well is that ALL of the inventory is currently in my home. My one-bedroom home that I share with The Foliage. And happens to be on the 6th floor of our building.
As the entrepreneur in this situation, I love each and every piece in my inventory, and don't mind that it can get cluttered at home, or that I have to jump over several armchairs to get from the bookcase to the kitchen. But. It's not only my home, and my infinitely patient partner is rather reactive to his environment. So. Something has to change. My hope is to sign enough contracts for revenue to justify storage space, a moving van type of vehicle, and hourly-paid movers. Maybe even a storefront. In that order. But they're all a ways off.
I have a mad case of baby fever. It is RAGING like CRAZY. But I'm staying [relatively] sensible and am sticking to our timeline of pregnancy next summer, baby the following spring. Still. I can't stop considering baby names, or mentally designing cribs, or reading mommy blogs. And the whole baby thing affects how I feel about my job* and income and my business.
Too many of my daydreams involve giving sink baths and midnight feedings and rocking chairs. FAR too many. Maybe I need a new hobby.
*Which is that the benefits are superb and I like it, but I don't know yet whether I'll stay post-baby. I feel like so many people say they're definitely going to keep working, and then change their minds drastically once the baby arrives. And I already feel like returning to work would be dicey. So I'm just trying to be realistic. Getting my business going and being able to work from home would be ideal.
Have I mentioned that The Foliage and I love real estate? A lot? Well. We do. We fall in houselove OFTEN, which is silly because we should NOT buy a house.  So we recently fell in deep houselove with a single family property that's just blocks away from where we are now (which we love), has plenty of space, a fenced yard, and a detached garage with loft that would be a PERFECT storage and studio space for me. And last Friday its price dropped $30k.
But we still own a house! A house that is underwater at the moment, and that we have to wait at least a year to sell (or we refund the $8k first-time-buyer tax credit to the government). We have sort-of renters in it at the moment, but they're leaving at the end of this month, and then we'll start looking for new renters.
We've considered many options. Get the mortgage for enough to cover the loss and tax credit and sell our townhouse? Find renters and buy the new house and have 2 mortgages? We even considered asking a real estate mogul friend of ours to buy it and then let us rent (we are NOT doing this, but it wouldn't be too far out of the ordinary for this guy, trust me).
Then we started looking for houses to rent. Somewhere we could stay for the next few years, provides enough space for my business, and would enable us to keep saving toward a down payment on a forever house. THEN The Foliage realized that we're morons and we could just stay in our apartment and shell out for the storage rental space, and be paying less than the rent for any of the houses we like. So. At least that's one problem solved.
There are also the other constant concerns. Like self-image (post-wedding weight, my skin's deteriorating awesomeness), not feeling like I'm being charitable enough with my time or money, wanting to pursue more creative endeavors but not ever finding the time or deeming it financially responsible, et cetera et al.
BUT. And I don't know whether this is marriage or maturity. I guess it COULD be both, but I'm not a doctor. Anyway. I feel like everything's pretty OK. Strangely enough, the one topic out of the above that's driving me the craziest is the gestation one. For the most part, I'm pretty laid back about it all. Maybe I'm just procrastinating my stress. But I'm hopeful that everything will just work itself out, and that I magically already know it will somehow. Then I could start a psychic business, too!

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