Wednesday, October 5, 2011

secret agent man

I meant for last night's post to have text. But apparently blogger disagreed with my choices. So. Anyway.
The picture was taken at the very end of dinner at La Tasca. Which we chose because we could get tapas again, for the first time post-honeymoon. And also because one of The Foliage's coworkers gave him a gift certificate there as a wedding gift.
Here are the 3 best wedding gifts, ever, in my opinion:
-Gift certificates to places you KNOW FOR A FACT the couple spends money frequently
-A fireproof and waterproof safe
Who doesn't need an impervious safe?! Right? And who ever registers for one? GENIUS. My mom's coworker gave us one of these, and I cheered out loud about it, I was so excited. Also he filled it with cash so UMMM 67% of all the awesomeness options available were present.
Oh, also, anything from the registry. Which should go without saying, but I guess a lot of people don't like buying off of the registry? Based on the non-registry gifts we got. A lot of gifts were, shall we say, way off-registry.
Man. Now it sounds like I'm whining about my wedding gifts. Geez. What an ass. I'm not complaining, I swear. Just trying to help out the common wedding guest. Because pre-engagement I didn't like to buy off the registry or give cash either. It felt too impersonal. But I'm telling isn't. The recipients will love you. And there were some exceptions - one of my mom's cousins sent us a GORGEOUS, handmade (by her) blanket. It is the coziest motherf*cking thing I have every wrapped around myself in my entire life. That right there is a winner. Probably can't go wrong with a blanket, as a general rule. And I would tell you which specific types of items to avoid, but the people who gave those to us might read this and hate my guts forever. So I won't. Just stick to the registry.
Anyway. This is about our monthaversary. We had a pretty great dinner at La Tasca, and then decided mid-dinner that we should probably see a movie. I mean, the theatre's on our walk home. And also we have a bunch of Fandango vouchers. And also we needed to be rewarded for not busting out any divorce lawyers' phone numbers in the past month. Yes? Yes.
So we went and saw "The Debt" which came out recently and has Helen Mirren and Jessica Chastain as secret agents. I'm sure you saw the previews. Well, it was pretty disappointing. It wasn't awful, but it really could have done a lot better. Usually when movies have messed up romantic storylines, it makes me super grateful for my relationship, and makes me want to be all kinds of cuddly. But, for one thing, I totally knew what was going to happen all the time, and for another, I didn't care about any of the stuff that was happening. Or the characters. So I felt exactly the same about my relationship post-movie, which was kind of disappointing. You know. As far as feelings-upon-exiting-the-theatre go. The film made me shocked-jump a few times, but that was it.
But as far as my real life ish goes, being married basically feels like being cuddled all. the. time. This feeling probably isn't sustainable, and in a while I won't remember what it feels like to not be married, so I won't even notice the difference.
The bottom line is I love being a newlywed. I hope I like it as much every time I get married.


rachel said...

yeah, stay on registry people. or you know, cash/gift cards/impervious safe are all good options too. we had one particular very nice guest at our wedding, who was very generous and got us like a bajillion things, NONE of which were on the registry. of course I'm grateful and everything was nice, but it also felt like she was kind of saying "clearly you don't know how to pick things out for yourselves. let me help you." yeah sounds like I'm complaining. I'm an ass too.

happy monthaversary! :)

ceejus said...

Important note before driving out to f*cking Leesburg: Williams Sonoma outlet is NOT the same as regular Williams Sonoma and won't take your returns. Buuuut you'll also get WAY better deals on pans there, even taking returned-item-store-credit into consideration.

Bottom line: I want to make sweet sweet love to my frying pans.