Monday, October 3, 2011

totally not me

Sooooo hypothetically speaking, if one's left-big-toe had been numb for, oh, 30+ hours...what should one do?


UseYourWords said...

I asked my brother who just graduated from PA school and he had a bunch of follow-up questions (is it pink or blue? is it tingling, painful, or just numb? did you injure the toe recently? one toe or both? ever happened before? any back injuries?
any other symptoms?) but also said numbness is never an emergency unless it's due to vascular occlusion, as would be indicated by the toe going blue and cold.

So, generally, don't worry unless it's blue/cold, but if it persists see a doctor.

Useful little brother FTW?

ceejus said...

Thank youuuuu if I didn't say it beforeeeeee!! It's still (STILL!) a teeeensy bit numb-ish, but I think it's OK. Hooray super smart siblings!