Thursday, December 29, 2011

last night

Sometimes your husband wants to take an innocent trip to World Market to stock up on his favorite tea, which is on sale, using an online coupon. A totally reasonable and financially responsible endeavor! And other times you, the illustrious spouse, decide hey! I want to go too! And your husband is all, "yay, I love when we do things together!"

And after he picks you up at the metro you make him spend over an hour of his life in that goddamned store while you SCOUR every INCH of the shelves (so many tiny things!!) and end up spending a zillion more of your collective dollars than he'd ever planned.

But. Consider the spoils.

You do not even understand how much I love ginger and how kickass this is going to make all my grownup drinks.
Whaaaat this thing is so badass and means I can bring soup to work IN MY PURSE!! Life: made.

Oh, like you're surprised there's another ginger thing on this list. Have you been paying attention at all?

You have no idea the level of self-restraint I exercised. There was SO MUCH COOL STUFF. And oh man. I didn't even notice the jewelry section until we were checking out and The Foliage wouldn't let me go look. I wonder if World Market sells divorces?


Christina McPants said...

Dude, World Market and I... ooh mama. There's a reason I limit myself to one visit a month. (But cheap coffee! And ALL THE TORANI SYRUPS! And many cute kitchen things!) Did you know they have a rewards program and they'll send you $10 credits? IT'S FREE MONEY OMG YOU HAVE TO GO AND BUY ALL THE THINGS.

Jo said...

I love-lovelovelove- ginger. I'm making my own ginger simple syrup for alcoholic drinks!

World Market sinks me every time. I actually avoid the shit out of that store usually! :)