Tuesday, December 20, 2011

living the dream

Sometimes it occurs to me that my life is SO COOL. I work in Washington, DC - a place I never even knew for sure I would visit in real life. I'm married to one of the the funnest, non-judgiest human beings on the planet. I have incredible friends. And I have a job that not only keeps me financially comfortable and out of debt, but is also ethically fulfilling.
OK not necessarily fulfilling. Is there such a thing as feeling like you're being as responsible as you can be? Probably not, unless you don't care about anything. In which case your lack of action would be totally approp.
My point is that I know these things every day. But sometimes they just smack me in the face. Like today. At lunch I was walking around the city, buying Christmas presents. Yesterday? I went to an incredibly famous art museum to get a gift. And wandered around the galleries and admired the architecture. And today I walked to Logan Circle, through classic DC rowhouse-lined streets, to get another (perfect, if I do say so) present and lunch. Later I'll walk to an amazing yoga class, and then to the metro, which will take me home for under $5.
Middle school me is very. pleased. with herself. Well done, little lady.

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