Wednesday, December 21, 2011

so you're telling me you're buying and mailing a gift to a stranger

You wanna know what I got in the mail today???

Well I'm not telling you.

Yeah OK fine. I got my NosyBitches gift! What the eff is that, you say? It's a gift exchange betwixt those Twitter users who employ the hashtag #wearenosybitches or just #nosybitches. Which grew out of the APW community. We're currently planning a largish-scale (probably camping) get-together. YEAH. It's a little intense.

I made The Foliage park the car and take pictures in the Kiss-And-Ride before running to catch my train, because I knew the all day anticipation might kill me. Behold, the magic:

Buckled up. Safety first.

This box was magical. Totally secure but not all taped up. This is maybe too much excitement for a box, but I think worth it.

I purposefully left these home so I wouldn't eat them at work. Now I've been home 2 hours and I've eaten at least half the box. Dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts?! Are you kidding me???

See? Super excited about this.

And itsy bitsy letterpress letters!!! In really super cute packaging!! I ruuuuuuv!!!!

My gifter (Kayce or @shinyprettybits) sent such a great, thoughtful gift. @bunniesnbeagles organized a fabulous exchange, and @cindysavage made handy-as-sh*t shareable spreadsheets so we could tell each other things like food allergies (did you notice how the edible portion of mine was paleo-friendly? Awwwww yeah!) without exposing the gifters.

The Foliage thinks I should make earrings out of the letterpress letters. I hadn't thought of this, and I like it, but I don't know if I'll do it. I just really like letterpress implements. We'll see. Maybe I'll use them to brand him...


Anonymous said...

Sooo cool! And YUM!

kc said...

Yay! I'm so glad it got to you in time. I was worried about the chocolates being Paleo friendly so I'm glad it was ok.