Thursday, January 26, 2012

beyond the help of even a venn diagram

That cross-section of individuality and commitment to unity in marriage. It's sometimes a pain in the ass. Notably, when you really want one outcome to a situation, but the situation as a whole is really more your partner's domain than yours, and you have to trust that s/he has your best interests in mind and won't back down from obstacles. Even when you would really really like to be the person to address the obstacles yourself because OMG YOU ALWAYS HANDLE YOUR OWN PROBLEMS NOT DOING ANYTHING YOURSELF SUCKS.
Luckily, while we were laying in bed (once again consciously making ourselves late to work) this morning, we learned our bed is perfectly positioned and pointed for marital and family happiness. Per the Feng Shui Diva. So that's handy, I guess.


rachel said...

dang. I think ours is actually pointed in the WORST direction. Ours points our heads due south, and north is the "least worst" so does that mean south is the worst? yikes.

Sarah said...

And how the heck are we supposed to figure it out when we have two different numbers? Bah, not planning for marriages, ARE WE Feng Shui Diva?

When in bed our heads point west. For Jon, that's happy for wisdom and education. But for my it's "least worst". Guess that means it's all steady? Stupid thing.

On a related note, my word verification is "probs". Damn straight we've got probs.

Sarah said...

Oh hey, look, I had our numbers backwards. Whatever. Still doesn't match up. ::winks::