Thursday, January 19, 2012

road trip

Update on Paleo/Whole 30:
Swoon. I love it! I love love LOVE it! I really love the no-excuses, just-eat-the-healthiest-thing..ness. We made dinner plans with a friend a few weeks ago, not knowing at the time that I would soon rope my beloved into the most restrictive diet on the planet. So yesterday, trying to decide where to go, I suggested we just have her over for dinner. And I'm so up to date on my contents of my kitchen, and have so many foods ready to go already, that a last minute dinner "party" is not a big deal! That. Never. Happens.
Right now I've got boneless pork chops, in a spice rub, with (from scratch) chicken broth, cooking in a crock pot on my counter. When I get home I'll do a little dicing, a little mixing, a little steaming, a little baking, and BAM! Pork carnitas wraps (cabbage leaves instead of tortillas, P.F. Changs-style) with guacamole and sweet potato fries. With homemade mayo for dipping because I made homemade mayo last night and ZOMG AMAZEBALLS. I never knew I could love mayonnaise like this.
This weekend we're taking my youngest brother-in-law to Connecticut to see a school he was accepted to, and will be visiting my (namesake) aunt and uncle. And by "visiting" I mean "forcing ourselves upon them." Hooray family hotels! And visiting. Totally hooray visiting. And also my aunt works at a more different college, so there might be some sway-ful propaganda happening. It's going to be super action-packed. And it's going to snow up there! I get to see snow! Finally! I love snow. So so much.
Now trying to figure out snacks, though. We've got nuts, hard boiled eggs, and I'll slice up veggies to take with us, but...we'll have to brave the big bad world of commercial food at some point. I don't know if we have enough food or time to prep food to keep us on track the whole time.
If I had more time I would try my hand at jerky-making. We have a dehydrator and have been talking about doing this since we got it, but it just hasn't happened yet. And we don't have time to do any food-spiriments before we leave tomorrow. And most prepackaged jerky has significant amounts of soy and sugar, among other things. Maybe I'll cook up some chicken and put it in a cooler after cutting it into strips. And get some olives.
In any case, it's not impossible. I'm constantly surprised by how much I can do with the foods that ARE allowed, and how little effort it takes on my part. Just gotta figure out how to take this show on the road...


rachel said...

I keep mixing up the things you can and can't have.. legumes are bad right? are chickpeas beans or legumes? just thinking you could whip up some hummus.. or maybe a 3-bean salad (vinegar is ok right? maybe you could use orange juice instead of sugar)..

I am impressed by your dedication. Good luck with the road trip!

Anonymous said...

Hey you...your uncle in CT is doing the paelo thing, so we at the family hotel are prepared for you! (Just let me know if there are any allergies or dislikes.)

And I know you know there's nuttin' wrong with a little showing off of my own college. Kids gotta have choices. :)

See you Friday!