Wednesday, January 18, 2012


For the past few days I've felt really...out-of-focus. Like I wasn't processing things as quickly as usual. Less energetic. More sleepy.
A lot like how I've felt for my entire life, with the exception of the past 4-6 months (the same amount of time I've been dabbling in paleo AND have been taking vitamins regularly).
I had NO idea what was up. I knew it wasn't the diet because my blood sugar has felt great. Before starting Whole 30 I would crash ALL the time, and feel dizzy and nauseated before nearly every meal. That doesn't happen now.
So I was a little worried. And I told The Foliage about it. And he said, "Didn't you stop taking your B or D or whatever vitamin to do Whole 30?"
And then I remembered I'm a moron. I stopped taking my multivitamin (which contains B12 and has changed my LIFE via ENERGY) because it posed a minor threat to my Whole 30 compliance, due to traces of soy being in the pills. I replaced my vitamin D supplements with a gluten and soy-free option, but was unable to find a multivitamin that fit the requirements, so I just decided to forego multivitamins during the 30 days.
Big mistake. Dear Whole 9 People, I'm sorry. I'm totes sticking to EVERYTHING else. But I really need my multivitamin, or my life will go back to being one long naptime. LYLAS, Ceej (or CCTP if the government ever cuts me a break)

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