Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dream on

So I failed. I'm a big ol' failure. Failfailfail.
Monday night was the DC APW Book Signing. And I'd been looking forward to it for months. MONTHS!! So had some of my friends. Their form of "looking forward to" however translated to "bringing mad of them baked goods." Which is weird because my translation was something like "pack snacks and eat them judiciously throughout the day before having a salad for dinner and then several gallons of water."
It was that blog post, you guys. All day I'd been thinking about that breadpuddingtoast and feeling like I could smite a puppy to get my hands on some.
Everything was fine. Got a salad at Cosi (after checking ALL of their options for allergens online...great nutrition info on their site, by the by), was drinking water, no problem. But Michelle brought cupcakes. From Hello Cupcake. And even specifically got a couple of gluten-free ones for Meg.
But then Meg was tired! And didn't hang out at the afterparty! And zomg so many cupcakes were going to be wasted! And also I felt so sad that my friend went out of her way to buy overpriced cupcakes that were now going unappreciated. And I kept trying to distract myself, and stay strong, and tell myself there were no excuses. But sad friend! And foodwaste! So I had a cupcake. A pitycake, if you will. And then the floodgates were opened. A lot of cake-related things happened. Is as much as I'm going to elaborate on that.
And it wasn't even that good! I mean, it was all baked and sugary or whatever, so it's what it was supposed to be. But I didn't feel fulfilled after I'd had it. And I definitely had a stomachache, though it wasn't as bad as I'd expected.
Sooooo now I'm back to Whole 30. Though I did have Sun Butter (mother of gawd they sell 5 pound pailsssss) for the first time yesterday, which probably isn't technically allowed because of the cane sugar, but which maybe completes my life? It's possible. Anyway. It's off-limits again until after the 30 days is done. But I'm thinking of just sticking with primarily Whole 30 rules after the 30 days. At least 80% of the time. Which allows for 1 reasonably sized cheat meal per week OR 3 cheat snacks (or meal components like breading on chicken or side dishes) per week.
And to keep me accountable, I've joined stickK (handle: Ceej, if you want to friend me). Which, um, I HAD THE IDEA FOR 2 YEARS AGO. I seriously did. The Foliage and I talked about it a LOT and fleshed out the details, but never designed the website, and now those people are making a zillion dollars. And now they're going to maybe have some of MY dollars, because I've pledged $10 per week for every week that I don't achieve my goals.
Here's my weekly goals checklist:
-Run at least twice per week
-Rock climb at least once per week
-Barre/yoga/strength train at least once per week
-Maintain 80% minimum paleo diet
Unrelated, a fun thing to do is to sign up to pay $10 per week out of your joint checking account, to stay accountable for health-related goals, and not tell your husband until afterwards. BAM built-in motivator in your house! No WAY is he going to pretend not to hear me when I suggest running in the morning anymore. Strategery. I has it.


The Foliage said...

He might hear you, but he might also be hella resentful for a while.

You just keep that in mind.

UseYourWords said...

Sorrrrrrrrrry. Glad the stomachache wasn't as bad as it could have been? Also for the record the cupcakes weren't as overpriced as they could have been - I had a Groupon! Which expires this weekend! Where else am I gonna get people to eat a dozen delish/gluten free/vegan cupcakes? Can't let a perfectly good baked-goods Groupon go to waste . . .

If it makes you feel any better I'm happy to join any future yoga adventures (at Stroga anyway). I also admire your other goals. Rock climbing is superfun!

UseYourWords said...

(Also thanks for falling on the baked goods grenade! You are a gentlewoman and a scholar.)

Leah said...

Wow. I feel like I should call you "cake slut" with all that self-imposed judgment and regret. I won't, but still, you make it sound like you cheated on your partner....
If it helps, I totally have done the same thing, and I am pretty sure you will recover with a vengeance. #Strongerthanever Wait, is it ok to hashtag a blog comment or is that just weird. Oh.who.cares.