Tuesday, February 21, 2012

list form

Things that happened yesterday:
  • My office was closed for Presidents' Day. I was supposed to get up early and run with The Foliage, but I did not.
  • Instead I ran by myself in the afternoon. And I ran 6.4 MILES!!! I walked another 1 mile, during my warm up and cool down. Very excited about this.
  • Afterwards I took a shower, and then swabbed my ears. But the tip of the q-tip fell off. Inside my right ear. And I tried to retrieve it, but have been unsuccessful thus far.
Things that have happened so far today:
  • I want to eat ALL THE THINGS because apparently running over 6 miles uses a lot of calories or something.
  • I'm very concerned about my ear canal's risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome. Very.
Things that will happen later today:
  • The Foliage will help me dig a lump of cotton out of my ear (way to get tricked into marriage, d00d, and also welcome to THE REST OF YOUR LIFE), somehow without damaging my ear drum. And then I'll refer to the safety insert in my nearest box of tampons for symptoms and preemptive treatment.
  • Then we'll have a bunch of wine and cheese and chocolates for Mardi Gras.
  • I will definitely not have a stomachache from consuming those things.
And then, Lent! My favorite!! Get ready for some self-deprivation in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, you guys.


rachel said...

what.. how does that even.. happen..?? LOL. I love the mental picture of him digging around in your ear. good luck with that TSS though.

Jennierose said...

Congrats on the 6 miles :) Are you training for something? Keep on being a rock star!