Wednesday, February 22, 2012

miercoles de ceniz

It's Ash Wednesday! The day of repentance second only to Good Friday! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!
Oh, man, I am excited about this lenten season. Here's what I/we are doing:
1. I'm giving up cursing. Again. Using my usual method (out loud curses result in out loud Our Fathers, mental curses get thought-through Our Fathers).
2. The Foliage and I are co-giving up being late for stuff. I thought this was SO GENIUS and then realized that we did it already. Oh, well. Apparently it didn't take. So here we are. We were late for mass this morning. Yeesh...good start, team.
3. I'm adding a lot of stuff as I go along today. For instance, I'm going to make an effort to respond to people's small talk and niceties. I generally can't stand having to give an enthused "Good Morning!" and "Good night!" to every. single. person. every. single. day. at work,'s polite. Typically I just act like I didn't hear them. So I'll stop doing that I guess.
4. Also added today (during mass): Be a better big sister, and wife. For the sister portion, I want to set up a weekly or every-other-week sister Skype session. Cap's going to LOVE IT. For being a wife, I think my biggest area for improvement is probably acknowledging when I'm wrong and apologizing faster. Usually when The Foliage and I argue, he apologizes for his part in the misunderstanding first, and then I feel AWFUL because of COURSE it was usually my fault in the first place. I really need to work on setting aside my pride. Is it OK to feel like you're doing alright as a daughter? I should probably up my parental communication. Yeah, alright, I'll do that.
5. I (and possibly The Foliage) am going to attempt to read the entire Bible before Easter. This may prove to be impossible. What with it being incredibly long. And it being in direct competition with The Lord of the Rings trilogy (just started The Return of the King! Finally!!). Might have to extend my deadline beyond Easter, but it's still an imminent goal. Maybe I'll also give myself the rest of April? Or until Memorial Day? Work in progress, obviously. I've read or heard the entirety of the Bible plenty of times, but I've never gotten all the way through it myself, and I'd really really like to.
That's all I've got at the moment. And it's a lot. So don't let me add any more goals, mmkay? Maybe a goal should be not to hold other people responsible for my decisions. Ohhhhh what a conundrum for you.

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SpaceElephant said...

Number 3 is hard for me too. There is this older gentleman in my neighborhood who sits on his porch with his dog every morning from, like, 7 to 10 and say hello to me as I walked past to go the metro. At first I would nod. A few months later I started to wave and smile. Now, somehow, we have full-on CONVERSATIONS. It was such a gradual process that I don't even know how it happened, but it totally brightens my morning.

In fact, after we move, I am definitely going a block out of my way to walk to the metro so I can still walk past him.

Moral of the story: sometimes I think interacting with people is going to SUCK, but then it happens at a slow pace and it turns out it's kind of nice.