Monday, February 27, 2012

oh geez

(While watching "The Two Towers: extended edition" last night)
Me: !! That never happened! But maybe I read the book wrong...
The Foliage: ...
(After the movie)
Me: I just looked it up on Wikipedia, and I was right. X, Y and Z never happened in the book and they totally changed [this other thing].
The Foliage: I am so excited that you are a "Lord of the Rings" snob now.
Me: ...ugh. This is probably my least favorite thing about myself.
Also, recently, The Foliage, his sister and cousin and I discussed constructs in society that are the worst ever.
Example: Monsanto's control over modern produce. You don't want Monsanto vegetables, but the effing government is signing CONTRACTS with them! Because that's gone so well for independent farmers in Mexico for the past 3 decades. So their products are increasingly unavoidable, and if you want to eat corn ever in your life, you just have to deal. 
More different example: it's expected that you work a full time job during your prime years in order to save up enough to MAYBE not work and HOPEFULLY not get sick in the final years of your life, because you probably won't be able to afford health insurance. And the constantly rising cost of living means that in most domestic partnerships, both people have to work. But the government apparently SUPER LOVES BABIES, but not so much childcare. And it just doesn't make any sense!! How can we all work AND have babies AND afford to pay taxes and rent at the same time?
So the conclusion to that conversation was to keep working to be able to financially afford to set up a situation that doesn't rely on those stupid, harmful, contradictory institutions. Like buying a large plot of land and developing it commune-style. And being as self-reliant as possible.
But here's what I realized watching "The Two Towers: extended edition":
Taking part in something evil because you think it's ultimately unavoidable is the worst idea ever! There are all these tribes of Men, and some choose to stand against Sauron, but a LOT pledge their allegiance to him because, hey! He's super powerful. And he's going to be in charge eventually, probably, so it'll be better in the long run if we just jump on his bandwagon. And afterward we'll be able to live peacefully because we've appeased evil dude with our loyalty.
And watching this it's SO OBVIOUS that that's a terrible idea. Even if you don't know who wins the war, you know that aligning yourself with evil is wrong. You know that. Everyone knows that.
So, in the more immediate/non-fictional sense, why would you take part in these systems that you know to be detrimental to the world? Obviously it's a huge leap from Monsanto to Sauron (or not so huge, depending on who you are), but the idea stands. There is always another way. There isn't always a clear "right" way, but it's pretty obvious which ways are completely wrong. And just because certain systems are pervasive or you can't imagine how life could exist without them, doesn't mean there isn't another way to do things.
I think this might make me a Libertarian or something? I will never check that box on a form. But I for defs don't want my tax dollars going to Sauron.

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Jo said...

This is an amazing post. Way to blow my mind about societal ills with a Lord of the Rings reference that is super compelling. :) Also, yeah why can't we vote on where our taxes get spent already!?