Monday, February 13, 2012


An excerpt of a conversation with A-Train, in which I maybe use my hypothetical futurekid to barter:
[A-Train]:  I mean I'll think about it... it's a pretty big commitment but ugh wow [Ceej] I wasn't expecting this
Me:  It'll probably be athletic and get scholarships and stuff
A:  Haha I love how that was a positive for you
I was all, "ugh it's gonna have [The Foliage]'s genes and want to be active and sh*t"
Me:  Hahahaha
A:  Like i literally said that out loud
Dear world, I apologize in advance for the havoc my futurespawn is going to wreak on you. Oopsies! And A-Train, I have you in my trapper keeper as babysitter numero uno. With lots of security cameras.

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Jo said...


I have the same thoughts: man, our kid is totally going to want to be in the woods and moving. DARN THAT KID.