Tuesday, February 7, 2012

taming the beast

I am so glad I don't drink coffee. Apparently all you guys are miserable without it? Well, HAHA SUCKERS. I'm just miserable thanks to nature! No addiction's gonna get me [even more] down!
Life notes:
Hosted the Superbowl. It was awesome. Partially because I made THREE KINDS OF CHILI, ALL OF WHICH WERE AMAZING. Partially because my parents came down (with food! Shrimp salsa?! Shyes.) and are Giants fans, so (spoiler alert) they were happy at the end of the night.
Subnote to the Superbowl - so much non-paleo deliciousness abounded (bacon cupcake omg!!) but I did not stray! Though there may or may not be a bacon cupcake in my freezer right now, ready for post-whole 30 rejoicing.
More different subnote - The commercials were super disappointing. Except maybe the VW Darth one. Madonna was way better than I expected her to be. Also I love anything involving LMFAO ever, so there's that. And M.I.A.! And Nicky Minaj! It was like pop heaven and my brain almost exploded.
Last night went rock climbing and completed a 5.8 route!!! My limit before that had been 5.7, but the jump between ratings is HUGE. 5.7 is now totally achievable for me, but 5.8 is...a monster. You might say The Foliage towed me up the wall and I happened to get my hands and feet onto some grips. And you might be accurate. Next time.
The Foliage's fancy company gala is this Friday, so I can't go climbing again until after that because UGH the BRUISES. People as ungraceful as I am should maybe not take up this hobby. My legs look ridiculous. And I bought a knee-length dress. Oops. Hoping they clear up with the quickness...
Forgot until YESTERDAY that we promised to plan my youngest brother-in-law's high school graduation celebratory dinner. Haha WHOOPS. Where does one take a ton of people, most of which are pretty-old-Jews, on Sunday evening? Between [sausage-laden] brunch and dinner? For TexMex, of course. Don't get hangry at ME, lady, eat your chips and salsa. 100% pareve. Yesssss.

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