Thursday, March 15, 2012

how did i let this happen

The day after tomorrow I am running A HALF-MARATHON.
Is it "a" or "an" half-marathon? I never know with those "h" words. Confusing.
In any of those. I'm doesing it. Though when I say "running' I might actually mean "suffering through" and/or "collapsing during." Potato, potawto.
When The Foliage ran his first one, well, we got bed bugs from the hotel where we stayed. But ALSO there was a lot more build-up. It was a RACE WEEKEND. We STAYED SOMEWHERE. There were specific RACE-PREP MEALS and PLANS. And that hasn't really happened this time. We just have to get on the metro super early on Saturday, aaaaand then we run. I haven't trained as hard as he did, though I have been working out a LOT and building up my endurance.
But it wasn't until this week, and I looked at the race's website and saw a link to a service that allows your loved ones to track your progress via text messages, that I remembered that it's a Big Deal this time too.
Holy crap, you guys. I'm running a[n] half-marathon!!


rachel said...

good luck! I will be out of town but I'll send some woops and shouts via telepathy. keep your mind open.

Social Ninja said...

Go lady! Good luck tomorrow!