Friday, March 30, 2012

maybe meataversary would be more apropo

I owe you a Paleo Fish Fry post. And the post I wrote about how when I was little I totally thought Molly Ringwald was my mom every time I watched, "The Breakfast Club."
But it's March 30th. Which is my 4th Meetaversary.
4 years ago today I looked like I "did. not. care." and The Foliage was cute and ran laps around effing memorials because he has too much energy for a single human being.
And this morning he was SO EXCITED to show me an app on the iPad that he couldn't even take the extra 1/2 second to pull his shirt all the way down. Apparently this app is THE BEST THING EVER to happen as far as drawing on the iPad is concerned (it's called "Paper" for those interested) but I couldn't tell you much more about it because I was totally ignoring all his nonstop mouthsounds to check out his stomach and try to calculate whether there was time for sex (there wasn't - we were already late for work).
It's really a good thing we're married, otherwise my behavior towards him would be 100% inappropriate. And could get me some stern talks from HR. Dodged THAT bullet.
For our First Meetaversary I had a chocolate mousse torte delivered to his office. It had a gold plaque thingie on top that said "get well soon" and came in a really gaudy box. Then he sent me Retribution Flowers and I had to explain them to all of my coworkers, who acted like I was a douche for not being sooooo appreciative of them. "But they're specifically to embarrass me!" I said. No one listened. It was annoying.
This year I'm celebrating by leaving him to spend the weekend with a couple of my best girlfriends. I'm a good wife. Trust me, it's way better this way.

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Jennierose said...

Haha. So excited that I was there the day you guys met. And yes, running around memorials is the best way to put it.