Tuesday, March 20, 2012

we were meant to live for so much more

I ran it! I ran almost the whole time! I didn't die! My left food and knee have felt super wrenchy and weird ever since, but I can walk almost as easily as before the race! My official time was 2:26:24. WHICH IS AWESOME!! I thought I'd be struggling to keep up with the 2:30:00 pace group, but stayed ahead of them pretty easily.
I am not one of those people who remembers every detail of a race and can tell you what she felt during each mile. Here's my summary: adrenaline from the crowds and excitement of the day carried me through the first 4 miles pretty fast, then I mostly just settled in and got through mile after mile. At one point I really really had to go to the bathroom, but then I walked a bit and didn't. GU is the worst thing that's ever been invented in the history of things. There weren't enough bands, but I really really liked the drum line and the hip hop guy. The Foliage and I ran together except for the last 2 miles and he almost tripped over cones a couple of times. Then it took forEVER to get out of the finish area and to the metro. Which was a NUTSO trip trying to get out to the Armory in time, and was pretty crowded on the way home, too. I look skinnier than I expected to in the race photos, and I can't WAIT to see the finish line video.
Very exciting, I know.
Also I'm kind of an idiot and committed to running the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler on April 1st. Two weeks after the half marathon. I got impressive blisters on Saturday, but they don't hurt already, so that's probably a good sign. I hope. I totally thought pre-half-marathon that I'd like to run a full-marathon eventually. Just to see if I could. But now I know that no, no I don't care if I can or could or whatever. Running 26.2 miles sounds like the dumbest idea ever. And what a first world hobby this is. Running. RUNNING. On purpose! Without being chased or anything! And PAYING to do so!
Though I will say that between the samples at the expo (I went up to the Larabar table more than once...) and finding $20 on the ground at the finish line (The Foliage picked it up, not me) and signing up early to get the best rate possible, we didn't do THAT badly. Considering.
Sunday after waking up late I made The Foliage take me to approximately 7 billion stores and work on a ton of projects to wrap up our master bedroom decorating. And it's almost done now. Just need to get a few things on the walls. And then...pictures. Because holy eff you guys. It's pretty much ZE COOLEST bedroom ever. Ever. Just a heads up, you are going to be so jealous. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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