Wednesday, April 4, 2012

don't you forget about me

Last Saturday night we watched "The Breakfast Club" because I'd heard the theme song earlier in the day and then had an unstoppable hankering for the movie. Some notes:
-Molly Ringwald's hair and boots were so awesome in that movie. When I was little, I totally thought she looked just like my mom. With the short red hair. And the scrunchy low heeled boots. Even now, watching the movie I kept thinking, "Awww it's Mom when I was little!"
-Every time I watch "The Breakfast Club" I have to talk myself out of getting Claire's haircut. It's so bouncy! So sexy and cute at the same time! But nay! I hate having short hair. It is so. much. work. I mean it is if you care how your hair looks. If you don't, then definitely save on product and shorten your coif. But I really really care about my hair. Probably too much. And the amount of effort that style would take me could be better spent developing cold fusion or something.
-Man. We sure did love our rape and gay jokes in the '80s. Holy cringe, Batman.
-That soundtrack is so effing boss.
-Oh, really, students? You think it's ridiculous you have to write a paper about who you are? Maybeeeeee suck it up and write your stupid papers. You don't get to make the rules.
-I feel really badly for Vice Principal Skinner. He dresses so well! Even for the stupid Saturday detention kids! He gave up his weekend for them. And then spilled coffee everywhere. I just want to give him a hug.
-A guillotine in the locker, Bender? Really?
-My '80s self gets all happy when Claire makes out with Bender, but 2012 me screams, "WHERE IS YOUR SELF RESPECT HE HAS BEEN EMOTIONALLY ABUSING YOU ALL DAY OMG." This causes 2012 confusion.
-The basket case is still my favorite.
-And that time when Brian laughcries, "You're so conceited, Claire!" Maybe the best part of the movie.
-I'd really like a follow up movie where they all have poorly-paid jobs to reimburse the school for all the damage to the library, and have to awkwardly muddle through the repercussions of opening up to one another. Jock guy SHATTERED. A. WINDOW. That CANNOT go completely unaddressed!
-Quack Quack Quack Quack
-Also I kind of wish the VP and/or custodian had called the cops on the kids while they were smoking up in the library (because holy eff, there's no WAY they didn't smell it in the hallway). Everybody getting arrested would've been a much better ending than wistful goodbyes.
-I can't believe Brian caved and wrote everyone's papers. What a terrible example for dorky kids. Dear nerds, Don't do other kids' work, even if they're astronomically popular and bigger than you. Or if you do, be clever and work something embarrassing about them into the assignment. The latter is hilarious but will probably get you pantsed. Fair warning. LYLAS, Ceej.
-Seriously I hate John Bender. What a toolbag. Clearly, not his fault, and he needs immense amounts of help. But even so. He makes me stabby.
Also the fact that the [same] nerd sleeps with the popular girl in "Sixteen Candles"? That was rape. That was 100% a f*cking rape. And I'm so mad that this was so entertaining to me for such a large portion of my life. A guy "giving" his drunk girlfriend to another guy? WHAT THE EFF, JOHN HUGHES?! Apparently Shermer, IL is like THE least safe place to be a teenage girl in America. Take note, everyone.

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