Wednesday, April 25, 2012

first world problems

Yeah. Not a lot of posting lately. See, I kinda got promoted? To a management position? And I'm equal parts excited for the opportunity and terrified. NOBODY has anything good to say about managing union employees. No one. But also probably the most outspoken people offering feedback are the ones who aren't pro-union in the first place. So. Grains of salt. Everywhere.
Also we went to California! For a week! It was The Foliage's first time back in San Francisco since he was 7 or 8. He and the next-oldest siblings all lived there with their parents in a house on Castro Street. It's condemned now (or nearly? I'm not sure) but it's still valued at $1m. For the location alone. Insane.
We (I) ate our (my) way through the Bay Area, including a dinner at Chez Panisse and some HEAVENLY custard-filled pastry from the Marketplace at the Embarcadero. We also might be the picnic champions, after lugging coolers to Muir Beach, Redwood National Forest, and Napa. (We ate all the cheese. Sorry for the shortage, Californians.) My brother-in-law and his girlfriend hosted us at their incredible condo in Berkeley. We got Thai in the Haight, tacos and pie in the Mission, and [asiago] sourdough bread and chowdah at Fisherman's Wharf.
It was an exhausting, perfect vacation.
And now I'm sick because my sister-in-law was sick, and I ate stupid things (see above) that totally destroyed my immunities and totally neglected my vitamins while we were away. I took yesterday off (DAY TWO of my new job...ugh I know) and I'd really like to be off today, but. New job. My throat's alternating between "tickly" and "stabbed with knives." It's the best.
There are a lot of things to do. A lot. And there are probably enough hours in the day, but not if I want to sleep, which I VERY MUCH DO. And one of my favorite websites is running a series on cheating this week, and that combined with the terrible movies I've been watching while vegging out and trying to recover (most of which have themes of temptation/cheating because WHO DOESN'T WANT TO WATCH PEOPLE MAKE TERRIBLE DECISIONS)'s just really depressing me. But that could also come back around to the vitamins I haven't been taking, and good foods I haven't been eating, which really help to keep my mood out of the trenches.
Mostly I just miss California. Is the point of this post. Le swoon.


R.A.P. said...

heyyy congrats on the promotion! and I basically died over the fb photos of your california trip. sorry to hear you're not feeling well.. that tickly-stabby feeling is in my throat too, blurgh.

Jo said...

Congrats on promotion! Hooray on the CA trip.